The Digital Treatment Coordinator

January 29, 2019
Meet Tracie Barnett a passionate individual with over 20 years experience in Dentistry. 
Tracie likes to set herself goals to help her stay on track personally and professionally and with the help of my team achieve great things together. Tracie is often found attending training courses on her days off to help progress with her career, she says 'every day we are still learning, and I am still as interested in Dentistry today as I was all those years ago'.
Tracie is the main point of contact for all new and existing patients, her role as a TCO is to make patients feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. Tracie discusses treatment options and costs with patients and deals with financial arrangements to make treatment affordable for the patients. Tracie also supports the membership options with the patients.  
A huge part of Tracie’s role is supporting the Invisalign journey for patients. Tracie scans new and existing patients using 3D ITero scanner and provides simulations for them to see the what the treatment end result may look like. It is a very exciting aspect of her role and Tracie would never go back to holding these appointments with a scanner.
Key points about Tracie:
  1. I made a transition in my career by accident, it must have been fate as this is the dream job for me.
  2. I sacrificed regular dental nursing to take on the TCO role, dental nursing was my passion. I really did wonder how i’d feel once I stopped nursing daily. I do step in very rarely if needed but only with the hygienists usually.
  3. I am so busy in my new role that I don’t have much time to think about missing dental nursing. The rewards I have now are amazing, patients are so thankful to me and seeing the many positive reviews we receive as a practice and for me personally really make it worth while. I would definitely make the same decision again. 
  4. I love to decorate. I often help my family and friends out with wall papering or painting in my free time. My other pastimes tend to be attending fitness classes and spending time with my family.
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Meet a dental nurse who is starting out in practice management

November 30, 2018

Donna_Vayle.jpgIn this podcast, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a hardworking achiever, Donna Vayle.

Donna began her career in Dentistry as a dental nurse in 1999, she has a wealth of experience as a dental nurse, gained herself a promotion to become a treatment coordinator in her practice and has now gained herself a further promotion to become a practice manager.

This podcast is full of top tips to help all dental nurses to move forward in their career. Donna has an amazing attitude; she sets goals and achieves them.

Donna has two young children and gets up very early, drives 15 miles to drop the children off before she finally gets to work at 7.30am. On top of this, she frequently exercises and enjoys up-cycling. She holds her hands up to always being busy and states that she can't sit still and will most likely be found with a paintbrush in her hands!

Donna trains apprentice dental nurses as an ROE witness, has a radiography qualification and impression taking certificate. Donna has worked in private practice for 13 years and is now in a two site mixed practice with an additional MOS contract. The current mixed practice started a conversion for one dentist to private and Donna supported this as a Treatment Coordinator working alongside the dentist by helping to convert 208 patients to membership in one year.

In addition to her dental skills and qualifications, Donna also has A-levels in Law and English, and a bookkeeping qualification.

The best advice Donna has been given - Set yourself goals, stay quiet about them and smash them!

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From dental nurse to practice owner

October 29, 2018

Meet Rachel Jackson who started working as a dental receptionist in 2004, progressed to a qualified dental nurse in 2007, and then developed into a lead dental nurse, practice manager, business manager and now practice owner.

Discover how Rachel has developed her own dental practice without burning any bridges, while having to make huge sacrifices and tough decisions.

Created by Rachel, Superior Smiles proudly opened its doors in August 2018. Rachel has always been passionate about taking private dentistry to an unrivalled level. Her dedication and knowledge enable Superior Smiles to offer high quality dental treatment, aligned with a patient centred journey, creating a brand that turns aspirations into affordable reality. 

Rachel’s last 15 years have been a journey of discovery, learning, upskilling and refining, with one anchor at the centre of every thought process - the patient. With a complex skill set in Treatment Coordination combined with Practice Management, Rachel is focused on training her team to focus on individual patient needs through ethical solutions.

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